Marketing Material

A corporate identity is the overall image of a corporation, firm or business in the minds of diverse publics, such as customers, investors and employees.

The main purpose of creating a corporate identity is to project a certain image for the brand or company to the minds of its audience assisting them to fulfill their objectives. This can be done through designing their marketing material in order to be displayed for their audience.

We can design the following marketing material that visually represent your company:

  • Stationary (letterhead, business cards, envelopes, etc…)
  • Marketing Collateral (flyers, books, websites, etc…)
  • Apparel Design (tangible clothing items that are worn by employees or in certain events)
  • Signage (exterior and Interior design)
  • Messages and Actions (messages conveyed via indirect or direct modes of communication
  • Other communication (audio, smell, touch)